2014 JOTA-JOTI Highlights

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Heading: JOTA-JOTI Highlights 2014


Scouts 1,125,347
Guides 206,918
Total 1,332,265
Visitors 88,212
Countries 157
JOTA Stations 11,575
JOTI Locations 19,318
Radio Amateurs 19,986


JOTA-JOTI 2014 logo

Largest World Scouting Event
Tops 1,300,000 Participants

image of radio operators

JOTA-JOTI in its 57th and 18th year of operation, respectively, saw over 1.3 million Scouts and Guides communicate with one another across town and around the world.

They discovered new technologies, new cultures, made new friends, and had a great deal of fun throughout the weekend of 18-19 October 2014.

image018female operating radio

Australia to Venezuela
Over 1 million Scouts and Guides
On the Air and On the Internet


Smiling Faces

During JOTA-JOTI weekend there were lots of smiling faces.  Some communicated via Skype, a few with Slow Scan Television, and many more via Scoutlink and amateur radio.  We even had signals bounced off the moon!  It was an exciting and motivating weekend for Scouts and Guides.


Many Scouts and Guides engaged in conversations across town and around the world.  They learned that it’s snowing in Canada and raining in Malaysia.  They encountered new accents and new languages.  It was a learning experience from dawn to dusk and well into the night.


As you can see from the summary above, there was a great deal of participation across both Jamboree on the Air and Jamboree on the Internet from both Scouts and Guides across 157 countries. It was also popular with visitors. We send a huge thank you to all the amateur radio operators who helped our Scouts and Guides get on the air.

Top Countries Participants from reports
Brasil 13,576
Portugal 11,041
Malaysia 8,570
Netherlands 8,187
USA 7,939
Australia 6,889
Venezuela 6,730
Mexico 6,529
UK 3,240
Oman 1,990
pie chart showing split of radio, internet and both participants

Promotion and Communication

New Website

The World JOTA-JOTI Team built a new website this year.  During the event weekend, over 66,000 users came to the site, viewing over a quarter of a million pages.  Sign up, News, JamPuz, and Scoutlink were the most popular pages.


Facebook and Twitter

The team also established a Facebook page and Twitter account.  Facebook saw many, many posts and conversations with nearly 18,000 likes.  Twitter had nearly 8,000 followers.


The team has not done an extensive review comparing numbers from year-to-year as this is the first fully combined event and the methodology has changed from previous years.  What’s important is that Scouts and Guides get on the air and have fun with the technology and with each other.

Website users 66,693
Pageviews 280,050
Facebook Page Likes 17,818
Twitter Followers 7,866
Scoutlink Nicknames 97,442
Scoutlink Countries 136
JOTI TV Page Views 21,130
JOTI TV Digital
Campfire Countries



 Start Planning for 2015

It’s never too early to get started with your plans for 2015.  Start with what went right and what went wrong in 2014.  Need more activities?  Need some ideas for getting on the air and on the Internet?  Check out our suggestions at www.world-jotajoti.info

Remember, it’s JOTA-JOTI Weekend starting Friday evening local time through Sunday.


JOTA – Jamboree-on-the-Air ®
JOTI – Jamboree-on-the-Internet ®
Are official trademarks of the World Scout Bureau

2015 dates: 16th, 17th & 18th October





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