World JOTA-JOTI 2018 Report

With a goal of increasing JOTA-JOTI participation to three million, what were the numbers for 2018? But as importantly, how were Scouts engaged in the largest annual Scouting event in the world? All these questions and more are addressed in the World JOTA-JOTI 2018 Report.

You can find the full report (along with all the previous reports) at JOTA-JOTI Annual Reports.

World JOTA-JOTI Report almost there…..

The World JOTA-JOTI Team is finalizing the world-wide overview of the 2018 JOTA-JOTI. Soon you can relive the adventure. Just a few more pages to edit, which we will do at our team meeting in Kandersteg this coming weekend.
Watch our web site for updates at

The JOTA secrets revealed

You had a great JOTA-JOTI weekend and want to know more about this world-wide gathering? Watch out for the 2018 World JOTA-JOTI Report that will be available soon on the JOTA-JOTI web site. It will show you all the stories from around the globe. And maybe you will even recognize your own picture! Get a few exciting new ideas and see how Scouts in different countries enjoyed the weekend.

How has this event evolved over the years from the idea of one person to the present day? Which Jamboree was proud to have the first amateur radio station? Who were behind the scenes to make JOTA work? And where will it take us in the future?Curious? Get your copy of “CQ Jamboree” and discover JOTA’s secrets. (Full colour edition, 112 pages, limited edition)
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Season’s greetings

The World JOTA-JOTI team received 1298 activity reports from groups and 44 National JOTA-JOTI Stories from the National Coordinators. Thank you all. It is wonderful to read all the adventures from around the globe.

The World JOTA-JOTI Report will be available February 2019.

Look forward to meet you all again during JOTA-JOTI 2019.

Camp site votes.

The 2018 JOTA-JOTI used a virtual Jamboree campsite with lots of activities. We asked the participants for feedback on each area. On a scale from 5-stars (excellent) to 1-star (needs improvement). This is what they found:

The differences are very small. The most popular ones were the WOSM HQ, the staff camp and the Jamboree HQ.

Each registered Scout group can still enter their best picture or fabulous JOTA-JOTI story. e are very curious to see them. Follow the link that you received in your confirmation email (or retrieve it here) to enter your success stories. You can do so up to 1 November 2018.


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