Campfire Circle

The campfire has always been the centrepiece of a campsite. It is where we share stories, songs, dances, and most importantly, build lasting friendships and memories. This JOTA-JOTI, you can recreate those moments online at the campfire circle with Scouts from every corner of the world.

Here are some of the topics on which you can connect via ScoutLink, JOTI .TV and all other channels!:

  • Scouts for climate action and environment
  • Scouts for gender equality
  • Scouts against bullying
  • Scouts for Peace and Dialogue
  • Scouts for Humanity

Join a live campfire talk

World Scouting

Listen in as our chat with special guests via the live campfire talks this JOTA-JOTI weekend. Check out the schedule and language and invite your friends.

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Connect to JOTI Radio

Connect to JOTI Radio
Once only

Be part of the action. Tune in JOTI Radio, broadcasting live and non-stop from the UK this JOTA-JOTI. During JOTA-JOTI, the team from JOTI Radio will be broadcasting a variety of music and chats online. You can contact them to request a song or ask for a shout out!
Link to JOTI Radio:

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