This is the Jamboree HQ where you can learn what JOTI Special Edition is all about and make the most of you experience.

JOTI Special Edition is a digital Jamboree connecting young people from around the world together, during a time of social isolation due to the Covid-19 global pandemic. This JOTI offers you the opportunity to:

  • Make friends from around the world!
  • Enjoy the healing powers of JOTI’s Health & Wellbeing Oasis for fun activities and campfires to look after our mental and physical health
  • Learn to be prepared in emergency situations through JOTI’s Humanitarian Hub
  • Show-off awesome talents from singing to cooking by getting up on JOTI’s Youth Got Talent stage or sit back and watch the show
  • Enter JOTI’s Digital Citizenship Den to become an advocate for social good and make a difference from home
  • Spread positivity and build an online community during this difficult time

Go on, explore the JOTI campsite and join the fun on 3-5 April! More information to come soon. Stay tuned!