Welcome Tent

Welcome to JOTA-JOTI 2019!

Are you ready? On this campsite, you will find everything you can do during JOTA-JOTI. If you are interested in an activity, click “join” to learn more about how to participate. 

Welcome Tent : The Welcome Tent is your place to start your JOTA-JOTI experience and learn more about the exciting programme of campsite activities and events. 

Safe from Harm Tent : Head to the Safe from Harm tent to complete the JOTA-JOTI Safe from Harm online training. Learn how to stay safe while surfing the Internet and stand up against cyberbullying.

Jamboree HQ : If you are a Leader, you will want to visit the Jamboree HQ to access the Participant and Leader Guide with more information on how to host a JOTA-JOTI event in your community.  Here you will also find the evaluation forms for feedback on the event, a list of national JOTA-JOTI coordinators, and other contacts in case of technical difficulties.

World Scout Shop: Buy your JOTA-JOTI 2019 badge and other event merchandise right here at the official World Scout Shop. 

Radio Base: Are you tuning in by radio over the weekend? Head to the Radio Base to learn how to connect with your local amateur radio station and to complete the JamPuz activity. You can also connect here to JOTI radio!

Campfire Circle: The campfire is all about exchanging with other Scouts. Here you will find links to different JOTA-JOTI platforms for exchange, including Scoutlink and JOTI.TV.

Better World Tent: Want to learn more about World Scouting and how Scouts contribute to achieve the 17 Sustainable development Goals? Visit the Better World Tent to check out what Scouting around the world has to offer.

Global Development Village: Here’s where you can find and download all the activities being run by our global partners during JOTA-JOTI.

Challenge Valley: Want to challenge yourself during JOTA-JOTI? Check out the exciting new challenges, contests and activities that are being offered this year.  

Leaders Camp: This space is designed for Leaders to access information and resources about activities happening during the JOTA-JOTI weekend, including details about the World Scout Movement.