Welcome Tent

Welcome to JOTI Special Edition!

Are you ready? On this campsite, you will find everything you can do during this digital Jamboree. If you are interested in an activity, click “join” to learn more about how to participate. 

Welcome Tent : The Welcome Tent is your place to start your JOTI experience and learn more about the exciting programme, campsite activities and events. 

Be Safe Online : Head to the Be Safe Online tent to complete the JOTI Safe from Harm online training. Learn how to stay safe while surfing the Internet, stand up against cyberbullying, and where to go if you feel unsafe during JOTI.

Jamboree HQ : This is where all participants can find our more about the purpose of JOTI Special Edition and why they should be a part of it. 

World Scout Shop: Buy any Scout merchandise you like right here at the official World Scout Shop. 

JOTI Radio: Are you tuning in by radio over the weekend? Head to the JOTI Radio to listen in to their daily shows to learn about mental health, dealing with Covid-19 and more. 

Health & Wellbeing Oasis:  Let’s look after ourselves, and learn how we can build resilience and support our families & communities, in this healing oasis of activities.

Humanitarian Hub: Visit the Humanitarian Hub to learn how to be prepared for crises and disasters and what effective role you can play in your community. 

Youth Got Talent Stage: Join the Youth Got Talent Stage, watch video performances of some of our rockstars, adventurers, master chefs and more.

Digital Citizenship Den: Ready to learn how to use social media for social good? The Digital Citizenship Den is all you need to get you ready to be an ambassador for positive change online.

Fun Zone: Join a universal dance party, challenge yourself with trivia, or tune into Spotify & YouTube playlists. This is the place for fun & games!

Scouting from Home: To ensure that the fun continues even while you are at home, we are bringing Scouting to your doorstep.
Let's learn more about Scouting and share it with our families and friends.

JOTI Live: Meet our talented MCs who will interview young people around the world, share good news stories and give you the best performances!