Conversations, not just contacts

Updated: 25 September 2018

JamPuz is about conversations, not just contacts

JamPuz is a key part of JOTA-JOTI.  Whether you are taking part in JOTA-JOTI over the internet or over the airwaves (or both) you can use JamPuz to bring an added dimension to your JOTA-JOTI weekend.

photo: contacts on a map

The objective of JamPuz is for young people to have conversations with a wide range of people.  As part of the conversation they exchange a “JID” code.  The JID code (or JamPuz ID) is a unique identifier for the location.  The code gives information on the WOSM region and a code for the country.


During the course of the weekend the JID codes are collected on a log sheet. There are a series of sheets to complete.  This involves recording the conversations and JID exchanges with people from a variety of regions of the world, and from a variety of countries.  In addition there are other elements of the JID to collect.

We are keen to stress that JamPuz is about conversations with other people.  In the past we have seen very brief contacts when an individual asks for a JID and then moves on to someone else.  JamPuz is not a speed challenge to make as many brief contacts as possible, it is about conversations.  We would like JIDs to be exchanged as part of a conversation.  Leaders are asked to convey this to their young people during JOTA-JOTI.

The JID codes are issued to each registered location – JIDs are allocated to locations, not to individual participants.  That means that people taking part in JOTA-JOTI at the same location will all be using the same JID.  The JID code will be issued to the contacts completing the sign-up (or registration) process.  Some national organisations operate a national registration system; this does not constitute registration with the World JOTA-JOTI Team and so will not lead to being issued a JID.   All JOTA-JOTI locations are urged to sign-up with the World JOTA-JOTI Team so that they can be issued with a JID and also receive other JOTA-JOTI information.

If you have not taken part in JamPuz before, then why not include it within your JOTA-JOTI weekend this year?

Further information on JamPuz is available at


Image of all JamPuz documents for 2018


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