Cyprus JOTA-JOTI Award

The Cyprus Amateur Radio Society issues a JOTA award designed to honor the memory of Erricos Lanitis 5B4GJ.

Erricos had devoted much of his life to the promotion of amateur radio to young persons, and especially to the Scouts, as he had served as the National JOTA organizer for the Cyprus Scouts Association from 1978 to 2005 – 27 years! He sadly passed away last June.
The award will be issued to stations who shall contact JOTA stations in Cyprus. To apply for this award, individuals should contact at least 5 JOTA stations in Cyprus and submit a copy of their log entries.

Applications need to be sent to the email address by attaching the details of the contacts as recorded in log. The award certificates will be printed and emailed to the applicants for free.  Further to honouring our dear departed friend Erricos, the awards aims to urge more JOTA participants from overseas to contact Cyprus based JOTA participants, and vise versa.


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