The Discovery Carousel

The Discovery Carousel


Fun and Discovery activities for Scouts taking part in JOTA-JOTI. Most activities will benefit from the (technical) support of your JOTA amateur-radio operator.


To offer a variety of activities to the Scouts that let them experience and explore the magical world of radio and electronics.


Make a carousel that looks like one model shown in Activity Sheet. You can download it here.
Each card describes a different fun and / or discovery activity.

Let each patrol pick a card randomly; or role some dice to determine which card is for them. The patrol gets to  work with the particular activity.

When it is finished they get “carousel points” and come back for the next fun card from the carousel. Each patrol completes 5 or more activities during the weekend. Who has collected the most carousel points at the end? What was the wildest radio idea that they discovered?

Click here to download Activity Sheet