You’re invited to join one of the world’s largest annual youth events – JOTA JOTI, or the Jamboree on the Air, Jamboree on the Internet! This year’s JOTA-JOTI will take place on the weekend of 16-18 October 2020.

JOTA-JOTI brings together millions of young people online and on the radio every October to meet new friends, learn 21st century skills, engage in conversations around issues they care about, and become active citizens. And we’d like our partners to join the fun!

Partners are invited to join the Jamboree by offering fun and educational content in their areas of expertise through live webinars, educational games, and activities to showcase their work, directly reach thousands of young people from around the world, and encourage positive actions and behaviour.

Partners can participate in JOTA-JOTI in a range of ways: 

  • Live Session: host a live webinar, workshop, or talk and interact directly with young people on a topic you care about most. Live sessions are 45 minutes maximum, can be run in a variety of languages and multiple times in different time zones, and are encouraged to be interactive and curated to appeal to adolescents and young people from a range of backgrounds. Live sessions have no attendance cap and can attract anywhere from 50 to 500 participants. 
  • Examples of some of our favourite live sessions from last year are: 
    • Basics of Zero Waste, hosted by WWF
    • Learn to Programme, hosted by Epic Queen
    • Creative Solutions in Response to COVID-19, hosted by UNICEF and Shujaaz
    • Become a U-Reporter and be a Digital Ambassador for your Community, hosted by U-Report
    • Understanding COVID-19 through Wikipedia, hosted by Wikipedia
    • Online Violence: What Does it Mean and How to Prevent It, hosted by the Office of the UN SG’s Special Representative on Violence Against Children
  • Campfire Dialogue: host a small group discussion in a safe space about a topic that might be sensitive and more suitable for a smaller group. Campfire dialogues are capped at 25 participants and are co-hosted between a partner and a trained WOSM Dialogue for Peace facilitator and can also accommodate high-level guests who wish do to consultations with young people. We encourage participants to join dialogues in the language they feel most comfortable in, so facilitators able to host conversations in languages other than English are very welcome. 
  • Challenge Passport: curate a Challenge Passport of educational activities that participants can do at home throughout the weekend. Activities can be existing material or new activities special to JOTA-JOTI but should follow a non-formal education approach and be easy for anyone to do at home. Challenge Passports should be segmented by level of difficulty corresponding to age section (6-12 years old, 13-18 years old, 19-26 years old). 
  • Live Show Segment: propose a guest or educational segment to be included in one of our JOTA-JOTI Live shows throughout the weekend. JOTA-JOTI Live is talk-show style production broadcast live to thousands of participants and hosted by young people. Featured segments can be anything from musical performances, interviews with special guests, live quizzes, or educational tutorials such as cooking shows or crafting how-to’s. 
  •  Examples of last year’s guest segments: 
    • Q+A with Bear Grylls
    • Interview with volunteers from the Italian Red Cross
    • 6 Phase Guided Meditation with Vishen Lakhiani
    • A message to Scouts from Dr. Tedros Adhanom, Director General of the WHO

Got a crazy idea not included here? We welcome creativity and new formats! Let us know what you have in mind. 

Check out our FAQ page for more details. 

Scouts & Unicef at JOTA-JOTI