JOTA-JOTI 2020 Photo Contest

Submit photos from your JOTA-JOTI weekend and get the chance to win a JOTA-JOTI gift box for your Scout group! 

Send your photos here.

Show the world how you, your group, and community are participating in JOTA-JOTI 2020. 


How does it work?

Each photo uploaded counts as a ticket to enter the raffle for the JOTA-JOTI gift box. This means that the more photos you submit, the more chances you have to win. 


General terms & conditions:

  • To submit photos and video please complete this form
  • The photos can be shot with any kind of camera, including mobile phones.
  • Do not add watermarks or logos to the photos.
  • Any photo that doesn’t reflect JOTA-JOTI will not be considered for the contest.
  • By submitting any photos you authorise the World Organization of the Scout Movement to use them in any way, platform and format for the promotion of Scouting and future events. 
  • Photos may also be about JOTA-JOTI preparations or offline activities happening during the event.
  • This contest has no monetary cost for participants. 
  • We will contact the winners via the email given in the form to ask for the mailing address to send the prize. 
  • The prize must be shared with the other Scouts from your group.
Scout with camera during Jamboree