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ideasHere’s a selection of the programme ideas for the JOTA-JOTI weekend that we received until now form around the world:

Your JOTA-JOTI programme idea in one word:Type of programme ideaThis is my idea:fromCountry
Education écologiquefull weekendDécouvrir les réserves les parcs naturels les lacs les forets les grottes pour les scouts spéléologues et enfin le patrimoine des monuments historiques et rupestres.Zidane NabilMorocco
OutAppfull weekendUsing technology as the lever, design a BYOD weekend for Jota-Joti and challenge each participant to use as many different social media, technology based methods of communication to contact Scouts from other countries and find answers to questions that will complete a picture, or a story, a treasure map or something similar. Need: Mobile phones, Tablets, Laptop PC's, Desktop Pc's, Digital cameras. Social media/communication apps: (it would be great if World Scouts developed a 'Scout Friendly' app specific for this event - 'Scouts Connect')? Skype, Facebook , Snapchat, MSN Messenger, Gmail - or any email service, Websites, You Tube, FaceTime, Hey Tell, Chat rooms etc By using multimedia platforms, the Scouts can gain technology based badges, learn about another culture by having to talk and gain answers to set questions. Maps can have pins put in them to track countries contacted. Scouts groups then have to maintain contact for at least a month with one of the groups they contact, using technology - email or FaceBook, or Skype.Sue GoldNew Zealand
Togetherfull dayWhen we start the jota joti programme we all communicate the scouts around the world. All the scout who connect with other scouts have to find out the best part of there scouting and try to implement it on own scout and improve the scouting in own areas also give report to WOSM about the successful implementation with picture.Anis AliPakistan
Traditions1 hourMake dances and customs of round the worldMiguel CostaPortugal
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