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This page provides information on where you can obtain help or support for the various elements of JOTA-JOTI ...




○ Participation Certificate

The JOTA-JOTI 2019 Participation Certificates were issued by email on 4 / 5 November to all groups and individuals that completed the registration process for JOTA-JOTI 2019.  The document was sent as a .pdf attachment to the email address linked to the scout.org account used for your registration. 

The Certificate was incorrect
The certificates were produced using the information held in our registration system. For 'group' registrations we have used the 'group' name from the database, and for 'individual' registrations we have used the individuals name from the database. We recognised that, for a variety of reasons, the information in our database may have been inaccurate, for example a group name spelt wrong or incomplete or a username used instead of an individuals name. To address this, we sent an email to every email address in our regitsration system advising what we proposed for the certificate and providing information on how to make any changes required. The emails were sent on 31st October (17:30 GMT to those that registered as a group, and 18:20 GMT to those that registered as an individual).
Each Participation Certificate was produced using the data in our system and was emailed on 4th or 5th November.
Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to make changes to Participation Certificates.

I have not received my certificate
The certificates were sent by email on 4 / 5 November to the email address in the scout.org ID that was used to register for JOTA-JOTI. This is the same email address that we used for issuing the JID code to groups and other communication from the World JOTA-JOTI Team. This may not, however, be the same email address as was shown in our Directory as this information was entered at the time of registration.

Further information in the Event Handbook


○ Crowdcasts

If you missed one of the Crowdcast presentations during JOTA-JOTI you can see a recording at: www.crowdcast.io/worldscouting


○ 2020

The dates for the next JOTA-JOTI 2020 are 16th, 17th, 18th October 2020.





○ Registration / Sign up System

Registration is CLOSED for JOTA-JOTI 2019.

You will need a scout.org ID to complete the JOTA-JOTI registration / sign-up process.  If you have forgotten your scout.org password you can get a password reset from www.scout.org/user/password if you do not yet have a scout.org ID you can register for one via www.scout.org/register
If you are having problems registering for JOTA-JOTI 2019 or updating the information in the JOTA-JOTI database you can get help from help@jotajoti.info 
Depending on your issue, it may be helpful to attach a screen image of the message or error report.

Note:  The 2019 system registration / sign up system is different from the system used in 2018.  You will not be able to use your jotajoti.info password from 2018 this year.




○ JamPuz

We have published general information on JamPuz at www.jotajoti.info/jampuz the documents can be downloaded from www.jotajoti.info/jampuz-documents and we have published Frequently Asked Questions at www.jotajoti.info/jampuz-faq
JID codes are issued by email to groups that have registered through the sign-up system. 
Are you waiting for your JID?  Groups that have completed the registration process have been issued with a JID by email.  The email may have been caught in your 'smam filter'.  You can also see your JID by logging in to jotajoti.info
You can also get JamPuz support from jampuz@jotajoti.info



○ National Contacts

You can find contact information for your National JOTA-JOTI Co-ordinator (or other national JOTA-JOTI point of contact) at www.jotajoti.info/national-contacts [not yet available]



○ ScoutLink

including IRC, TeamSpeak and Minecraft

If you need support from ScoutLink and you are in IRC you can connect to the #help channel.
If your access to ScoutLink has been blocked or banned, you can appeal the decision by completing the form at www.scoutlink.net/banned
Support is also available from the contact form at www.scoutlink.net/contact or by sending an email to help@scoutlink.net



○ JOTI Radio

If you are having difficulty connecting with JOTI Radio, or simply want to request a song or shout out, you can complete the form at www.jotiradio.org or email studio@jotiradio.org



○ JOTI.tv

If you are having difficulty connecting with JOTI.tv, or have a query regarding their services, you can complete the form www.joti.tv/contact



○ ServiceKring JOTA-JOTI

If you have a query with an order placed with ServiceKring JOTA-JOTI you can check the ‘FAQ’ at kitbuilding.org or contact through the ‘contact us’ tab at kitbuilding.org



○ Skype

If you need help with using Skype please see www.jotajoti.info/skype



○ Zello

If you need help with using Zello please see www.jotajoti.info/zello



○ Crowdcasts

We are running some 'Crowdcast' presentations during the JOTA-JOTI weekend.
Information on the schedule is available at www.jotajoti.info/agenda
You can also access the Crowdcasts via www.crowdcast.io/worldscouting
Support on using the Crowdcast system is available from the crowdcast.io support system
Queries relating specifically to our Crowdcasts sessions can be emailed to help@jotajoti.info



○ World Scout Shops

If you have an enquiry regarding an order for JOTA-JOTI merchandise from World Scout Shops, or need to discuss a licence for reproducing the JOTA-JOTI badge, please contact enquiries@worldscoutshops.com



○ World JOTA-JOTI Team

Ed Lynes, Chair - ed.lynes@scout.org
Philip Bird, Operations Lead - pbird@scout.org
Isabelle Dufresne-Lienert, Programme Lead - isabelle.dufresne.lienert@scout.org
Zakran Abdul Manan, Radio Lead - zakran.manan@scout.org


World JOTA-JOTI Team
World Organization of the Scout Movement

Suite 3, Level 17, Menara Sentral Vista,
150 Jalan Sultan Abdul Sanad, Brickfields,
50470 Kuala Lumpur

photo: Scouts at keyboard being supported by adult