Historic materials

A very remarkable recording was presented in July by Gordon Dennis, the son of Alan Dennis, G3CNV, who was the first operator of GB3SP. The recording has some of the amateur radio contacts and news broadcasts of this amateur radio station that operated from the World Scout Jamboree. It was this station that inspired Les Mitchell and a team of Scout radio amateurs to agree on an annual meeting for Scouts over the airwaves: the Jamboree On The Air was born.

Listen to the voice of GB3SP from the 1957 World Scout Jamboree in Sutton Coldfield.


A recording recently surfaced of a historic connection between LC1J at the World Scout Jamboree in 1975 in Norway and GB2GP, the permanent amateur radio station of Gilwell Park, United Kingdom. The recording is introduced by Bill Livens, G2CKB, for years the enthusiastic first operator of Gilwell Park. Bill past away a few years ago, but his memory comes alive with this recording. You will hear the voices of well-know Scout radio amateurs and a message spoken by King Carl-Gustav of Sweden while he visited the radio station.

Listen to LC1J with GB2GP.

At the 14th World Jamboree a one-day World JOTA Conference took place. One of the participants was Jim Parnell, The National JOTA Coordinator of New Zealand. Jim brought a tape recorder along and recorded the entire meeting. Recently the tapes surfaced and Jim took the effort to transcribe the entire recording. Thanks to his efforts we can now read all the details and listen to the original voices as well. Jim also added some unique photographs to his transcript.

Hear the JOTA birth being described in detail by Les Mitchell, the first organizational steps illustrated by Len Jarrett and speeches of many dignitaries, among them Odd Hopp, the Norwegian Jamboree Chairman at the time.

Listen to the first World JOTA Conference:

part 1:

part 2:

part 3:

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