It’s fairly easy to participate to JOTA-JOTI via the internet. All you need is one or more computers and an internet connection. For software you will need at least:
– a web browser such as Firefox or Internet Explorer
– an email program
– a chat program (IRC client), to meet and chat with other people in real-time.

A slow internet connection, for example dialling into the internet via an analogue telephone line, is sufficient for IRC chat and playing JamPuz too. Not every Scout headquarters etc will have internet access.

A few tips. Your mobile phone operator could have internet coverage at your Scout location. A smart phone can be used to share this internet connection. If you have a free “Line of Sight” to a house with Wi-Fi, you can use a cheap home build “cantenna” or “wokfi” antenna to get internet connection at your Scout location. Several; kilometres distance can be bridged in this way. Google for more information on this topic.


There are many other items that you could use to enhance your JOTA-JOTI experience. Here are some ideas:

Use a scanner to scan pictures and logos of your Scout group and the place where you live.

Connect a microphone to your computer’s sound card and talk with other people using a voice-capable chat program like TeamSpeak.

Borrow a digital camera and take live snapshots of the participants.

Use a webcam to post regular snapshots of your location on the web during JOTA-JOTI.


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