Communicating using IRC (Internet Relay Chat)

IRC services are provided for JOTA-JOTI by ScoutLink, a JOTA-JOTI Trusted Partner

This is the most popular form of online communication for JOTA-JOTI.

You can use IRC either through a mobile telephone app, using software on your computer, or through a webpage. Communication is text only, which means it is simple to use and also uses only minimal internet bandwidth; this makes IRC ideal for locations where internet bandwidth is limited.

The IRC services provided by ScoutLink operate all year, so before your JOTA-JOTI event it is a good idea to take a look at the system.

If you plan to have more than 25 computers connecting to ScoutLink IRC you are asked to contact ScoutLink beforehand via

Conversations are in 'channels', with each channel being either for the language being spoken, or to discuss specific topics. The volunteers supporting ScoutLink during JOTA-JOTI will open more channels as required. This helps to ensure that each channel does not become too crowded.

A team of trained volunteers from ScoutLink monitor all the channels to ensure that discussions are appropriate and to provide help. You can obtain help either by visiting the #help channel or emailing

The quickest way to connect to IRC is via the ScoutLink webchat, visit or alternatively visit for other platforms.


Remember, there is no need to wait until your JOTA-JOTI event to become familiar with IRC.