JamPuz FAQ


Q:  I have not received our JID code.  Where can I get it?
A:  If you registered for JOTA-JOTI 2018 before 1 October 2018, then your JID was issued to you by email, and can be viewed by logging in to our database (the link for this was emailed after you completed the sign up process).  If you registered for JOTA-JOTI 2018 after 1 October 2018, then you will need to follow the process here to get your JID.

Q:  How do I collate the JIDs collected?
A:  You will need to print off the ‘bingo’ cards and other JamPuz documents and take them to your JOTA-JOTI event.  You may want to enlarge them so that everybody can see the progress you are making during JOTA-JOTI.  You can download/print them from: www.jotajoti.info/jampuz-documents


Q:  Do I need a JID for each participant?
A:  No, JIDs are for the location, not for each individual.


Q:  My Scouts are taking part in JOTA-JOTI at home.  Can they use the same JID?
A:  Yes, the JID is allocated to your group, event etc.  If you have Scouts etc operating from their own home, in Patrol based hubs, at the Den etc, then they can all use the same JID.


Q:  What are the ‘region codes’ in the JID?
A:  The first character in the JID indicates the WOSM region.  The regions are: 1 Africa,  2 Arab,  3 Asia-Pacific,  4 Euroasia, 5 Europe, 6 Interamerica.  Further information on WOSM regions is on the WOSM website.  (If you’re part of a WAGGGS Member Organisation then you have been allocated a region code for the equivalent WOSM region.)
Additionally, we are using ‘region 7’ for JOTA-JOTI projects,  etc.


Q:  What are the ‘country codes’ in the JID?
A:  Characters two and three of the JID indicates the country it was issued for, i.e. where the JOTA-JOTI participants are.  We’ve used the standard two-character country codes recommended by the International Standards Organisation.  You can see a full list of the codes here or here.


Q: I still have our JID from 2017. Can I use it again this year?
A: No. New JIDs are issued each year.


Q: I have my JID and I have printed off the documents.  How do I collect other JIDs?
A: When you make contact with other JOTA-JOTI participants you ask their other group for their JID and you give them your JID.  Both groups then record the JID of the other on the JamPuz documents.  You can take part in JamPuz using which ever method(s) you are using to communicate during JOTA-JOTI; there is no special way of swapping JIDs.  Remember, JamPuz is about conversations, not just contacts.


Q:  Do I enter JIDs on-line as they are collected?
A:  No.  At the end of your JOTA-JOTI one person from your location can submit the return for the location.  We are not asking you to enter each JID collected, but we do ask how many you collected.  The information is provided to us at www.jotajoti.info/jampuz-feedback


Q:  Where do I get the JamPuz ‘bingo’ cards etc?
A:  These are available as .pdf documents from www.jotajoti.info/jampuz-documents


Q: My country is not listed in the sign-up system.  How do I register?
A:  The country list in the sign up system is based on the list of countries registered with WOSM and WAGGGS.  Some smaller countries are part of WOSM or WAGGGS through a larger country.  In these circumstances, please select the ‘larger’ country from the dropdown list and then the relevant National Scout Association (WOSM NSA) or Member Organisation (WAGGGS MO).  The JIDs are issued automatically based on the country selected.  When you receive your JID please forward it to pbird@scout.org with details of your country and your Association and we will then amend and re-issue your JID code.


Q: My Scout / Guide Association is not listed on the drop down sign up system. How can I register?
A: The list of Associations listed on the website is a list of National Scout Associations that are part of the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM) and the list of National Member Organizations of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS).  JOTA-JOTI is a WOSM event to which WAGGGS members are also invited to take part – the sign up system is only available for WOSM and WAGGGS groups.


Q:  How do I record / share our experiences regarding JamPuz during the event?
A:  During JOTA-JOTI we are keen for photos from JamPuz (and the rest of JOTA-JOTI) to be uploaded to Facebook, Twitter, scout.org, etc. This will enable others worldwide to see your JamPuz adventures.  After the JOTA-JOTI weekend you can submit details of the number of JIDs you collected at www.jotajoti.info/jampuz-feedback


Q:  Is there a Certificate for taking part in JamPuz?
A:  Yes.  After submitting your JamPuz feedback you will be invited to download and print a JamPuz Participation Certificate.


Q:  Am I trying to collect as many JIDs as possible very quickly, but people want to have a conversation rather than just swapping JIDs.  Why?
A:  JamPuz is NOT about quickly collecting JIDs JamPuz is about conversations not just contacts.  So please take the time to have a conversation with the person you’re swapping JIDs with and not simply ask for their JID and move on.  There are no prizes for completing the JamPuz documents, they’re simply an aid to encouraging people to have conversations with a wide range of people during JOTA-JOTI.


Q:  Someone has given me a code but it looks nothing like the format of JIDs.  What is going on?
A:  Amateur radio operators will all be using a Callsign, some may even have a special Callsign for JOTA-JOTI.  The Callsigns are not part of JamPuz.  If the amateur radio operator completes our sign-up process they will be issued with a JamPuz JID code – remember, sign up is available during JOTA-JOTI but we encourage locations to register before the event.


Q:  I have a question or query not answered above.  Who should I contact?
A:  You submit a query through our Facebook page, or you can email your query to jampuz@jotajoti.info


Updated: 12.10.18

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