JOTA-JOTI 2017 Circular

The World JOTA-JOTI Team has published the official circular for JOTA-JOTI 2017 and distributed it to National Scouting Organizations and National JOTA-JOTI Coordinators. Here are excerpts that are relevant to Scout groups. For further information about your national operations, please see your National JOTA-JOTI Coordinator.

General Information on JOTA-JOTI

2017 Theme — 60 Years Connecting Scouts

The theme “60 Years Connecting Scouts” recognizes the start of the event in 1957 and commemorates its growth in participation and in the expanding communication channels that are activated during the event. Those channels include amateur radio via radio frequencies and Internet-based channels as well as many other Internet-based options including social media, ScoutLink and IRC chat services, Skype, and more.

JOTA-JOTI Participant’s Guide

The World JOTA-JOTI Team has prepared a Participant’s Guide. It tells all about the largest Scouting event in the world and how you can get involved.  You can download it at this link JOTA-JOTI Participant’s Guide.

JOTA-JOTI Weekend Activities

Here’s the Top 10* Challenges and Activities from JOTA-JOTI weekend in 2016:

  1. John Bont
  2. Scouts Exploring the World
  3. Morse Code
  4. The Earthquake
  5. Advanced Discovery Projects
  6. The Lab
  7. SMS Text Art
  8. Your Space Ship
  9. Free Style
  10. Make Your Goldberg Machine

*Of course, JamPuz was the biggest activity during the weekend. But the top 10 above also offered a great deal of fun for Scouts around the world.

Website and Communication Channels

Information for organizing JOTA-JOTI including interactive games, supporting information, and links to various resources are available at

Here’s what you’ll find on the JOTA-JOTI website:

And you’ll find much, much more as we get closer to the JOTA-JOTI weekend.

You can also follow our official Facebook page at and on Twitter at

Official Logo Of The Event

Once again this year, WOSM organised a logo contest to choose the official logo for JOTA-JOTI 2017. Entries were accepted throughout the month of April. The selection team reviewed over 300 entries with the winning design provided by by Carlos de Sá from Brazil.

You can purchase badges and pins from World Scout Shops Limited.


Scout groups can sign-up for JOTA-JOTI using the registration system. With sign-up, a Scout group gets access to a variety of new features and exciting interactive possibilities for the JOTA-JOTI weekend. It is also possible to look through the sign-up groups, even select them by country, and pre-arrange contacts for the weekend.

There is no obligation to sign-up of course, but we recommend it so your Scout group can enjoy the additional facilities of the new event web portal.

Sign up at this link

If you are operating a national sign-up or registration system for JOTA-JOTI, we ask that your also ask people to sign up with the world system. This will allow them access to JID codes as well as late breaking information.

Participation Cards

A participation card for JOTA-JOTI, with the annual logo, is available at Scout groups may customize these by inserting the name of the participating group and distribute them to their membership, either in printed form or as an electronic certificate. The intention is that each participating group receives its card, as a confirmation of its participation and a souvenir of the event.


Life would be so much easier, but perhaps less interesting, if every Scout spoke the same language. But this is not the case. How can we help Scouts communicate with fellow Scouts that do not speak their language? Here are a few ideas:

The translator machine:

There are free translation services available at the Internet. Several Scout groups have used it to translate radio or chat messages on the spot. It may not be very fast, but it is fun to do and it does help. You could even prepare a standard message for your Scouts in many different languages.

The J-Code:

The J-code is a tool that enables a very basic conversation in those cases where there is no common language between the youngsters. The J-code is simply a set of abbreviations similar to the Q-Code used by radio amateurs. It is NOT a code intended to hide the contents of the transmissions, quite the opposite, it is intended to enable communication. As such it can be used over amateur radio and in Internet chat contacts.

The J-code is available in 14 different languages and can be downloaded at If your language is not among these, but you would be willing to translate the English version into your own language, please send us a copy so we can add it on the web site.

The website:

The JOTA-JOTI website uses Google’s translation service to instantly translate every page from the pull down “Translate” menu in the top right hand corner of the page.

Your JOTA-JOTI Souvenir

A badge with this year’s logo and a number of JOTAJOTI souvenir items are being made available to everyone via the World Scout Shop. These can easily be ordered on-line at

JOTA-JOTI Trusted Partners

In early 2016 the World JOTA-JOTI Team announced the concept of JOTA-JOTI Trusted Partners and opened up the application process. By granting the status of “JOTA-JOTI Trusted partner” it will be clear to JOTA-JOTI participants and leaders which websites and services are trusted and recommended by the World JOTA-JOTI Team for use during the event.

To date, the following organizations have been named trusted partners:

National JOTA-JOTI Coordinator

NSOs who haven’t already done so are kindly requested to appoint a National JOTA-JOTI Coordinator (NJC) who:

  • Has the required organizational skills to support the Scout groups participating in the JOTA-JOTI event in his/her country;
  • Functions at a national level within their Scout Association (most NJC’s are members of an Association’s international committee);
  • Communicates directly with the World JOTA-JOTI Team and is the NSO’s representative to the national amateur radio organization and / or Internet organizations;
  • Preferably is someone with his/her own amateur radio licence, or at least with a vast knowledge of amateur radio and / or knowledge of the Internet world.

The NJC has access to specific JOTA-JOTI information on the web as well as to a restricted electronic forum. In this way he or she can directly exchange views with NJC’s of other countries, ask for assistance, and organize activities.

World JOTA-JOTI Team

The World JOTA-JOTI team is:

  • Richard Middelkoop, team leader and World JOTA-JOTI Coordinator (Netherlands)
  • Hannu Rätto (Finland)
  • Ali Al Mamari (Oman)
  • Philip Bird (United Kingdom)
  • Jim Wilson (United States of America)

The JOTA-JOTI event is represented by Peter Blatch, World Scout Committee liaison.

Subscribe to future posts on the website so that you won’t miss out on the latest information.

Correspondence to the World JOTA-JOTI team can be addressed to the World Scout Bureau or via email



Specific Information For JOTA-JOTI Participants

Rather than bog you down with a great deal of information in this circular, we’ll provide links to key information available on the JOTA-JOTI website. This will ensure that you’re accessing the latest information – anytime and anyplace. You may also want to subscribe to the website News by entering your email address in the form on the right hand side of each page.

Please use the Translate menu to translate this information into any language you require.

What is JOTA-JOTI?

Good overview information at

You can also find a JOTA-JOTI Participant’s Guide at

What is JOTA?

Specific and detailed information about Jamboree on the Air including how to instructions, rules, DX cluster, Echolink, contest free frequencies, call signs, radio logbooks online, and Scout radio nets can all be found from the pull down menus at

What is JOTI?

Specific and detailed information about Jamboree on the Internet covering how to, Scoutlink, social media, web chat, safe online, netiquette, teamspeak, JOTI Radio, and JOTI TV can be found from the pull down menus at

How to Participate in JOTA-JOTI

We’ve assembled an overview at on how to participate in JOTA-JOTI as part of a group or even on your own.

JOTA-JOTI Weekend Activities

Here’s the Top 10* Challenges and Activities from JOTA-JOTI weekend in 2016:

  1. John Bont
  2. Scouts Exploring the World
  3. Morse Code
  4. The Earthquake
  5. Advanced Discovery Projects
  6. The Lab
  7. SMS Text Art
  8. Your Space Ship
  9. Free Style
  10. Make Your Goldberg Machine

*Of course, JamPuz was the biggest activity during the weekend. But the top 10 above also offered a great deal of fun for Scouts around the world.

Other JOTA-JOTI Games

You can find lots of ideas for JOTA-JOTI games from the pull down menu at

Advanced Discovery Projects

With permission from EIROforum publication “Science in School” we are able to offer a number of JOTA-JOTI program suggestions. Find then at

JOTA-JOTI Challenges

More fun activities from the pull down menu at


This activity of swapping identity codes between JOTA stations and JOTI locations has been very popular. You can find all the information needed at

Annual Reports

You can find all the JOTA-JOTI reports dating back to 1961 at

This is a good place to gain insight into what type of report to write for your association.

Have Fun!

We look forward to JOTA-JOTI weekend and encourage you to participate in the largest Scouting event in the world. Don’t miss out on conversations across town and around the world that can help Scouts “Discover Our World.”





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