Your space ship

Your spaceship has just crash-landed on the moon. You are 200 miles (320 km) away from Moon Base 3. It is midday (remember the lunar day lasts 14 Earth days). Your crew’s survival depends on reaching the base.

15 items have been salvaged from the wrecked ship. You, in private, must firstly rank the items 1-15 in order of importance. When you are finished you should now join up with your Patrol/Team and agree a group listing.

Box of matches
Food concentrate
15m of nylon rope
Parachute silk
Solar powered portable heating unit
Motor oil
One case of powered milk
Two 45 kg tanks of oxygen
Self-inflating life raft
Magnetic compass
15 litres of water
Signal flares
First Aid kit (containing spacesuit
injection needles)
Solar powered FM receiver-transmitter
Stellar map (to aid navigation)

This exercise is all about talking dialogue – listening, discussing, solving conflict and reaching a democratic solution.

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