The permanent amateur radio station 9M4WSB of the World Scout Bureau in Kuala Lumpur will air her special event call sign 9M4S to operate JOTA-JOTI directly from the premises of the World Scout Bureau in downtown Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

9M4S is stationed at:world-scout-bureau-launch-2-e1403085089330

QTH locator: OJ03UD.
Coordinates: 101° 41′ 24” E, 3° 7′ 57” N.
See the location on a map, click here
To find QTH locators, click here.

The station will be run by an international team of Scout radio operators as well as Zakran Abdul Manan, 9M2ZNM, station manager.

A number of local Scout groups from Kuala Lumpur will assist in running the radio station, activate social media pages, run IRC on internet and participate in 10 different workshops.
With a bit of luck, you may be able to make a contact using your local repeater station thropugh Echolink and just a portable radio. At 9M4S, you can speak directly with the local participants and the World Scout Bureau staff.

Making a contact with 9M4S may sometimes take some patience. Usually many stations are calling at the same time. The operators will do their very best to make contact with Scout stations worldwide and speak to Scouts in as many languages as possible.

Look for us on the World Scout Frequencies:

10 m band : 28.390 MHz
15 m band: 21.360 MHz
20 m band: 14.290 MHz
40 m band: 7.190 MHz
80 m band: 3.690 MHz

Best time to make a radio contact with Kuala Lumpur? Find it here.


World Scout Bureau Global and Regional Support Centres in JOTA-JOTI 2018,
the overview:

Global support Centre Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: 9M4S, Echolink, Internet

Africa Regional Support Centre Nairobi, Kenya: Internet

Europe Regional Support Centre Luxemburg, Luxemburg: LX9S, Echolink via LX0ELS, Internet

Arab Regional Support Centre Cairo, Egypt: Internet

Eurasia Regional Support Centre: tbd

Interamerica Regional Support Centre: tbd

Asia-Pacific Regional Support Centre: tbd


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