2017 JOTA-JOTI Logo Contest

The Logo Contest Closed

for Entries on April 10

The contest is to design a logo that will be used on official websites and become the uniform badge for JOTA-JOTI 2017. JOTA-JOTI is the largest Scouting event and has over 1 million participants every year.

==> see all submitted designs here <==

The purpose of JOTA-JOTI is to enable and encourage Scouts around the world to communicate with one another by means of amateur radio and the internet, providing a fun and educational Scouting experience and promoting their sense of belonging to a worldwide Scout Movement. As usual, our colleagues from the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts are also invited to take part in JOTA-JOTI.

The theme for JOTA-JOTI 2017 is 60 Years Connecting Scouts – further information on the theme is at: http://jotajoti.info/2017-jota-joti-theme-60-years-connecting-scouts/ The logo design should help to portray the theme.

Entries must include

  • The short name of the Event: JOTA-JOTI
  • The official title: 60th Jamboree On The Air – 21st Jamboree On The Internet
  • The date: 20 – 22 October 2017
  • The World Scout Emblem, with these two options only: World Scout Emblem in purple on white background or World Scout Emblem in white on a purple background

Size of the design

Your design must fit in to a space of 6cm x 6cm. The size of your file (.png or .jpg) should be below 3Mb.

Designs which do not respect the rules will not be considered for the final selection.

Be creative and original

Create your badge design!

Designs which contain copyright images, graphic elements from previous years or artwork coming from clip art will not be considered. 

Submitting your entry

Entries could be submitted up to 10 April 2017. The contest is now closed and the jury is evaluating all submitted designs.

In submitting a design the entrant agrees that the design becomes the intellectual property of the World Scout Bureau, and that they surrender their rights to the design.

Those entering the contest must be a member of one of the WOSM National Scout Organizations or National Scout Associations.

Contest Details

Short list

The winner, and 5 runners-up, will be selected by a specially selected panel.

The designs chosen will be:
•    Compliant with the general rules mentioned here
•    Adhere to technical constraints specified under the rules
•    Relevant to theme

The winner

The winner will be chosen based on the following criteria:
•    Composition,
•    Functionality,
•    Creativity,
•    Technique,
•    Originality,
•    Visual appeal and
•    Overall impression

The winner will be announced in June 2017.

The World Scout Bureau’s graphic designers will adapt the design and adjust the logo for the final production of the JOTA-JOTI badges.


The winning entry will be the official 2017 logo for JOTA-JOTI, and will be used on badges and other merchandise promoting the event. The winner will receive a selection of merchandise from World Scout Shops Limited. The five runners-up will also receive some JOTA-JOTI merchandise from World Scout Shops Limited.


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