Namibian Conservation in Action

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Get closer to nature in Namibia with the Ongava Research Centre! Researchers here have put together photos and videos to help you see why they do what they do - studying their environment to increase conservation and environmental management, protecting nature and wildlife.

P.S. You can also check them out on the JOTA-JOTI Live Show!

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A group of schoolchildren from the city visited Ongava Research Centre for 5 days to spark and inspire a passion for nature, wildlife and conservation. Here, they are reassembling the bones of a dead giraffe.


Students collecting termite samples to map the species’ diversity and geographic distribution of termites and their symbiotic fungi in Namibia. This is part of a bigger project for southern Africa.


Students and staff collecting bioindicator samples to check on the quality of local ecosystems. The samples, such as water, soil, grass etc., are collected once a year for long term environmental monitoring.