JOTA secrets revealed….

You had a great JOTA-JOTI weekend and want to know more about this world-wide event?

The JOTA saw its 61st edition in 2018. How has this event evolved over the years from the idea of one person to its present day massive event?

And which World Scout Jamboree was the first to have an amateur radio station on the camp site? How did that look like? Who were behind the scenes to make this event work and grow over the years? And where will it take us in the future?

Curious? You can read all about it in our latest edition of “CQ Jamboree”. (Full colour edition, 112 pages, limited edition)

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Season’s greetings

The World JOTA-JOTI team received 1298 activity reports from groups and 44 National JOTA-JOTI Stories from the National Coordinators. Thank you all. It is wonderful to read all the adventures from around the globe.

The World JOTA-JOTI Report will be available February 2019.

Look forward to meet you all again during JOTA-JOTI 2019.

Camp site votes.

The 2018 JOTA-JOTI used a virtual Jamboree campsite with lots of activities. We asked the participants for feedback on each area. On a scale from 5-stars (excellent) to 1-star (needs improvement). This is what they found:

The differences are very small. The most popular ones were the WOSM HQ, the staff camp and the Jamboree HQ.

Each registered Scout group can still enter their best picture or fabulous JOTA-JOTI story. e are very curious to see them. Follow the link that you received in your confirmation email (or retrieve it here) to enter your success stories. You can do so up to 1 November 2018.


You can get a badge….!

There is a number of badges available to you on the JOTA-JOTI campsite. Where can you get them?

Visit the WOSM HQ: look for the World Scout Environment Programme and discover how to get your WSEP badge.

Visit the Global Development Village: look for the UN Challenge Badges and discover how you can earn them. Also try our Eco Challenge to get your electronic badge on the spot.

Visit the Museum: swap badges electronically with other Jamboree participants by SSTV over radio.

Visit the Scoutshop: you can order your JOTA-JOTI badge (and many other things) directly on-line here.

But first, come to the Main Gate and sign up for the largest youth event in the World. And get your Jamboree Handbook of course. Don’t miss it now; 4 more days to go and counting…..



Wow, where are they?

On the JOTA-JOTI Jamboree map we have used several photos of previous World Scout Jamborees. Can you find them all? In which campsite are they and from which World Jamboree?
Check out the site at and post your results on our facebook page:

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