RSIS 2017

10th Radio Scouting & Internet Seminar 2017, Estonia

It is a great pleasure to invite you to the Radio-Scouting and Internet Seminar, scheduled for the spring of 2017 in Estonia.
The seminar is aimed at those leaders responsible at a national level for Jamboree On The Air / Internet and related programme activities.
International exchanges of ideas and contacts between youngsters are of utmost importance in society nowadays. Internet and amateur radio contacts have proven to be excellent tools to bring scouts in touch which one another.

Since 1984, National JOTA-JOTI Coordinators and their team members have met about once every 4 years to co-ordinate activities and exchange ideas to improve the youth programmes.

The world JOTA-JOTI Team adopted a new formula for this seminar series. This edition will be open to participation over an on-line connection as well, so NJCs from further away can participate in a number of sessions. The seminar promises to be an exciting opportunity for NJCs to meet and help shape the future of JOTA-JOTI.

To register for the 10th RSIS, please contact your national JOTA-JOTI Coordinator.

Read the full invitation here.

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