Today, young people in many countries are facing challenges in their local communities because of the spread of coronavirus disease (COVID-19). Schools have closed and other activities have been put on hold.  

It is very important that all Scouts and young people stay safe by avoiding public spaces and crowded places, making sure to wash our hands regularly and following other good practices. But staying safe doesn’t mean we can’t have fun, continue learning or make new friends! 

In a time of crisis, millions of young people came together online to experience this special edition of JOTI - Jamboree on the Internet! This JOTI brought more than 100 activities on mental health, digital citizenship and humanitarian approaches to the homes of young people across the globe.

At a challenging time of social distancing, JOTI enabled us all to connect together from 3-5 April through chats, workshops, challenges, DJ parties and daily JOTI Live shows!The educational programme offered a safe space to cope and remain encouraged to continue being leaders of positive change. 

As with all our events, online safety was a key priority as keeping young people Safe from Harm remained at the forefront of the event, through standard measures, e-learnings and a number of sessions on being safe online. 

This was a special edition of our largest digital Jamboree, JOTA-JOTI, that takes place every year in October. You will still be able to enjoy JOTA-JOTI this October as usual. 

As youth, we are resilient, prepared, and eager to learn, and together we've turned this challenging time into an opportunity and connected millions of young people around the world in an online adventure for all!