IRC (Internet Relayed Chat) is a way of contacting other Scouts by exchange of written comments, live and in real time. To do this, you either need IRC client software on your workstation and an IRC server to host your Chat or access IRC through a website such as Scoutlink. Once connected to the server, you join a channel, or discussion group, which can include Scouts from all over the world. IRC channels may hold discussions about anything under the sun.  We recommend using the IRC services provided by Scoutlink.

To participate:

  • The easiest way to join the network is through our online web client –
  • View a list of channels we have available to ensure you join the channel of your language –
  • We recommend any English speaking leaders to join the #leaders channel, the duty/lead operator will be available to help and be able to contact you if required
  • If you require any support, help or advice please join our #help channel and a member of the team will be available
  • Always ensure that young people are supervised whilst using the network
  • Check out our safety tips and information on our website –

Keep in mind that on the WOSM preferred IRC service ScoutLink all channels are logged and monitored by a trained channel operator who can intervene if needed.

Scout Link also supports TeamSpeak: this allows you to talk to other Scouts by microphone.


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