Scoutonia programme support package

Short course:

An excellent introduction to the theme is a short youth course developed by the ITU. It is an on-line course that can be followed in English, French, Spanish, Russian, and Arabic.Not surprisingly, the course introduction starts with the Scout motto: “Be Prepared”. Highly recommended for staff preparing the JOTA weekend as well as for Scouts to enjoy.

To start the course click here. (It downloads a start-up file called “menu.exe” you need for this).

Involve local emergency services:

consult e.g. with your local fire brigade, the closest first-response medical unit, local authorities who handle emergencies from your town hall.They may be more than willing to demonstrate their capabilities, support you with your exciting JOTA activity, look and see what your Scout group can do for the local community and even have a link to you lasting longer than just the JOTA weekend.

Promotion material

to illustrate your JOTA activity:


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