Scouts exploring the world

Scouts exploring the world: programme package

A fun programme package for your JOTA / JOTI weekend: explore the airwaves with your own radio !

Listen in to the world: on several places around the globe, amateur-radio receivers are connected to the internet. With your computer, you can simply connect to them and listen. Find out which stations you can here at the place where the receiver is located. Or, even more exciting, listen if you can hear the radio signal of your own Scout station! An idea for your JOTA preparation? Ask your Scout to listen with their computer via a nearby receiver. Ask your radio amateur to transmit a message for them with his home station. See which Scout is first to get the message. One of the biggest stations that you van listen with is the radio telescope of Dwingelo in the Netherlands. It even allows you to listen to amateur radio signals bounced of the moon. Really? Yes, this antenna is big enough for that. So you see, your (radio) world is bigger than may you think….

A good starting point to listen to amateur radio signals with your computer: click here.

Want to find more radio’s or try the big telescope? Have a look here. Have fun!

Even more on-line radio transceivers are available to you for remote operation. With the “remotehams” system, you can remotely control the stations yourself, directly over the internet. Everyone can receive with them; to transmit your need a valid amateur radio license.How to use this for JOTA? Well, e.g. you want to contact that far-away Scout station, but you only have a small transmitter available. Log on to the remotehams system, check in to a radio that is closer to the station you want to talk to, and remotely transmit and receive from there. Also, it is an excellent way to check if the signals you transmit can be received elsewhere in the world. Just tune the remote receiver to your transmit frequency. Can you hear your own signal and how does it sound at the other side of the globe? Download the remote-control software here. The software package and the use of the system is free of charge.

Each Scout can have its own radio station…….. and have some JOTA practice before the weekend. To train radio amateurs, there is a fully on-line amateur “radio” environment, running on a server connected to the internet. Together with software on your computer, you can have your own “radio”. It behaves exactly as a short-wave amateur-radio transceiver: you can make live contacts with other users anywhere in the world, experience the same types of radio garble and interference, play with different transmission modes and many more. Without the need for an amateur radio license (since you are not transmitting on airwaves). An excellent practice for Scouts to get acquainted with amateur radio and prepare themselves for JOTA. The software, called Hansphere, can be used free of charge for a trial period. Just enough to be prepared for your JOTA experience…! You an find detailed info and download the software here.

QRZ?…..QR-what…..? Radio-Amateurs often use the Q-code, a set of abbreviations to make radio contacts shorter and more clear. Sometimes this sounds like a sort of secret language. Recently, a new version of the Q-code popped up; a digitalized form called QR code. So if you see one a a product or object around you, think of the amateur-radio Q-code. For the 55th JOTA we have developed a Q-code game with these digital QR codes. You will need a smartphone or computer to read the codes, find different places on earth, look up country prefixes, think hard to recognize places and many more. A fun activity with your Scout to discover how big the world really is.

Download the game instructions here.

Wondering about he solution of the game? Find it here at the end of the JOTA weekend. Until then…… QRZ?

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