Setting blocks

Communication challenge with Lego

Materials needed

  • 2 walkies-talkies (alternatively could use Cell Phone)
  • 2 boxes of same number and type of LEGO (or equivalent blocks)


20 - 30 minutes


Divide participants in 2 teams: Alpha and Delta.

Team Alpha sits on a table with a walkie talkie and a box of Lego blocks. The team Alpha will start with construction.

Meanwhile, team Delta will move further away. it's important that it is out of sight and out of earshot. Team Delta has to have the exact same set of LEGO blocks (identical colors and shapes) and also a walkie-talkie. This team will start by following instructions.


How to play

First, team Alpha makes a construction with their LEGO blocks. They can replicate a reference image or create their own. 

When team Alpha has finished building, they call Team Delta by walkie-talkie to walk them through step by step how to build the LEGO assembly.

After this is done, team Alpha moves to check the result built by team Delta. Then the teams reverse their roles.

While observing the resulting construction, reflect on the following:

  • Is it what teams were expecting?
  • What was easy and what was difficult to communicate and understand? What makes you say that?
  • What can the teams do to improve their communication in the next round to build an even more complex assembly?


Depending on the age group and skills, the Scout/Guide leader can adapt difficulty level: 

  • If colors are a issue, you can just send commands about shape and not use color;
  • You can also play with another group over a longer distance by amateur-radio. Make sure you have the same set of Lego blocks. Check the result by sending the pictures or posting the photos of the activity on the social networks.
Lego image

Video example

A prerecorded video showing an example can be seen below.

Lego image


Try to publish photos or videos on your social media using #JOTAJOTI

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