* Show your video

There are a number of short video apps available for smart phone and one of these should be used for this challenge. The maximum length of your video should be 10 seconds…

We know it’s short but that’s why it is fun and challenging, because it requires a bit more preparation. It will need planning and cooperation of your team. Any short video app can be used and when it’s created it should be uploaded to the web…ideally on youtube.

Step 1: Have a look at some of the examples below to give you inspiration.

Step 2: Now, get working on creating your short video. E.g. you can create a story board which illustrates the story on the video. The story board will help you directing the video.

Step 3: Shoot the video and upload it to youtube. Take pictures of your and your team while you play out the scenes in the video.

Step 4: Click on “Submit your solution to this challenge” on this page. Provide your story board or a description of the story in your video, upload the photo(s) you have taken while shooting the video. Provide a link to your uploaded video on youtube on another platform.

Take a look at the videos here. It will give you an idea:

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