* Sing your National Anthem

Community singing is fun. It brings us together and creates a sense of unity. Wouldn’t it be fun to capture that sense of unity on video?
We challenge you to gather your team to sing and your record on video your national anthem.

Step 1: Gather your team

Step 2: Find your country’s national anthem. Print it out and hand it out to your team members (unless you know your national anthem by heart).

Step 3: Prepare to video record it. Jointly count to three and start to sing, while recording it on video. You can also take photos while you sing.

Step 4: Click on “Submit your solution to this challenge” on this page. Provide the title of your national anthem. If you want, you can also describe what your national anthem is about and/or provide the lyrics. If you took any photos, upload the them also. Provide a link to your uploaded video on youtube.

Take a look at this video to give you some inspiration:

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