Social Media

facebook-icon Use of Facebook

The World JOTA-JOTI Team uses the official event Facebook page as one of their communication channels, directly accessible for all JOTA-JOTI participants. The page is at

The Facebook page can also be used to upload results of the challenges, Sinbad’s travel, pictures etc that you want to share.

Note that traffic on this page is monitored by the WJJT throughout the event.


Skype and Google Talk

Services like Skype and Google Talk allow you to communicate with other Scouts with audio and video. How to find a Scout to talk to? Have a look in the JOTA-JOTI sign-up list on, find a Scout groups active on e.g. Skype and invite them to meet in Skype or Google Talk.


twitter-icon Twitter

The official Twitter account is @jotajoti   If you’re Tweeting about your JOTA-JOTI plans or activities then please use the hashtag #jotajoti to help monitor the content.


YouTube logo YouTube

We have our own YouTube channel.   You are welcome to share with us videos from planning your JOTA-JOTI weekend or of your activities during JOTA-JOTI.


instagram-icon Instagram

We also have our our Instagram page – again please share your images with us.


Use of other social media Flicker, and others

The internet has many social media that can be used during the JOTA-JOTI weekend for a variety of purposes. And it is great fun to do so. Please make sure that you supervise your Scouts at all times when using these media. WOSM and Scoutlink are monitoring the IRC channels and the official Facebook page, but no others during the weekend.



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