The Earthquake…

Scouts Emergency programme package:

To organize an exciting JOTA weekend for your Scouts, have a look at the following material:

Radio techniques: different possibilities are offered for radio communications under emergency circumstances. Have a look here at what UNHCR recommends to use. An explanation about radio propagation is available here .

How to arrange for electrical power? A necessity to transmit messages by radio is electrical power in some form or the other. Usually mains power will not be available anymore. It is one of the first things that are lost when disaster strikes. Can it be improvised? Yes, if you are somehow prepared for it. Read all about ideas how to generate electricity in the ITU guidebook.

Improvising antennas: any antenna is better than no antenna for transmitting your messages. Your Scouts can certainly help to improvise an antenna.Lots of possibilities are illustrated here in the ITU guidebook. And there can be more. Consult with your JOTA radio amateur.

Message handling: taking messages during an emergency is somewhat of a challenge. Information is often fragmented and it is delivered amidst a usually chaotic situation. Therefore great is needed in transferring messages, as their content can be life saving. The IARU has developed a standard message note that is very useful for this.  Download the note, photocopy it and make it available at your station. Have some example messages available to instruct your Scouts. Oh yes, it is not intended to use this electronically of course; this is for handwriting only. (your electricity supply was down, remember?). To transfer messages in difficult circumstances, radio operators often use short codes. A list of possible codes is found here .

First-aid training: the best first-aid training can be done locally. However, there are several on-line courses available that your Scouts may want to look at before the JOTA weekend. In particular if you plan to include first-aid response into your weekend programme. Here are a few examples:

Improvised shelter: Scout groups with their camping material are a valuable source for setting up the first temporary shelter in a disaster area. Some ideas and items to consider when setting up temporary shelter, can readily be found in the UNHCR handbook. Setting up a temporary camp, could well be part of your JOTA emergency exercise. Unfortunately, sometimes a temporary camp has to stay in place longer than anticipated. How these tent cities look like? Here is an example of a refugee tent camp (UNHCR video).

Amongst the first responders to a disaster is Shelterbox, a organization that can provide quick relief by delivering tents and other material for shelter.Learn about Shelterbox with your Scouts.

Emergency Preparedness: how can you prepare yourself and your Scout troop against disasters and other emergencies? Is that posibile at all? Yes it is. Have a look at the Emergency Preparedness guidelines.


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