The Insider and the Outsider

This month’s team blog presents a glimpse of what is at the table of the World JOTA-JOTI Team.  What can you expect to see this year, leading up to the 2016 JOTA-JOTI event?  Here’s the inside view:


The team will put more emphasis on promoting the JOTA-JOTI event. A detailed communication plan is in place. This team blog, written by a different team member each month, is just one part of the plan.

box out One focal point is on the support and commitment of the National JOTA-JOTI Coordinators (NJCs).  After all, the NJCs make the JOTA-JOTI work in their country, adapt and translate the international info and promote the event.

To assist NJCs in an exchange of ideas, the World JOTA-JOTI Team has put a brand new mailing list in place, together with an interactive NJC Forum on the event web site. NJCs can log in to the JOTA-JOTI web site and have access to the Forum.  A couple of NJCs across the globe kindly tested the system for us.

There’s more to come; the same log-in facility can be used for NJC webinars which the team plans to organize. A webinar facilitates a lively interaction with NJCs and the World JOTA-JOTI Team. If successful, we may repeat it in a general form with Scouts and Leaders involved in JOTA-JOTI.

The JOTA-JOTI Sign-up system for the event clearly needs a refresher. A professional team is currently working on it; the intermediate result will be test run by the World JOTA-JOTI Team in a few months’ time. We anticipate that NJCs can use part of the new sign-up system as well to communicate with the participating groups in their country.

The world-wide game offered this year during JOTA-JOTI involves a guy called John Bont. His adventure will start in some corner of the globe and with the help of the participating Scout groups, he will be able to accomplish his mission. How can you help John? Stay tuned to this channel.


The World JOTA-JOTI Team involved a number of external organizations in our team meeting last months. This lead us to the idea of awarding the status of “trusted partner” to organizations working closely with WOSM to support, build and expand the JOTA-JOTI event. The team is finalizing the details of how this scheme will exactly work.

box inWe will also solicit ideas and suggestions on the event’s educational content. An idea box will be in place soon where we invite participating groups to present suggestions for short, day-long or weekend-long programme recipes. The World JOTA-JOTI Team will publish a selection of the favourite top 5 on the web.

Of course you are aware of our challenging JOTA-JOTI logo competition, which is running on our web this month. Behind the scenes we are recruiting the jury members who have the difficult task to select the winner. At least 3 out of 5 jury members will be young Scouts from around the globe.

Guides belonging to the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) have been involved in JOTA-JOTI over the past years. With the introduction of an on-line sign-up system, it became more difficult to officially sign up, as this had to be done together with a WOSM member group. The World Scout Committee supported the JOTA-JOTI team in her efforts to solve this and got the approval of the WAGGGS leadership to allow direct sign-up to JOTA-JOTI by Guides from our sister organization. You will see it in the new sign-up system.

Get prepared for JOTA-JOTI this year from 14 to 16 October and discover our world.





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