Top 10 Challenges and Activities During 2017 Weekend

Here’s the Top 10* Challenges and Activities from JOTA-JOTI weekend in 2017:

  1. John Bont
  2. Morse Code
  3. Scouts Exploring the World
  4. The Lab
  5. SMS Text Art
  6. CD Signaling
  7. Your Space Ship
  8. Free Style
  9. Make Your Goldberg Machine
  10. Mood Texting

Of course, JamPuz was the biggest activity during the weekend. But the top 10 above also offered a great deal of fun for Scouts around the world.

Each of these Challenges and Activities are something to think about as you pull your plans together for JOTA-JOTI 2018 – Mark Your Calendars 19 to 20 October 2018.

For some fun, check out the 35th Ossies Scouts and their 2017 JOTA-JOTI Goldberg Machine at this link on Twitter

Here’s another one from 2016. What can your group do for 2018?

* This ranking was based on the number of web page views for each during the JOTA-JOTI weekend (19-23 October 2017).

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