Web-Based Receivers

During JOTA-JOTI weekend, thousands of amateur radio stations are on the air engaging in Scout to Scout conversations.

logo_websdrFor those locations that don’t have the benefit of an amateur radio operation, you can still at least listen in to the on-the-air conversations and gain an idea of the fun that happens around amateur radio during JOTA-JOTI weekend. You can do this through web-based receivers.

We’ve provided a starting listing below of the extensive array of available receivers around the world. You should tune the receiver to one of the Scout Frequencies. You can find the full list at Scout Frequencies. A good one to start with is 14.290 MHz. Select USB and adjust the frequency slightly first to find the transmitter and then to tune the clearest voice signal.

Listing of all WebSDR receivers connected to the Internet at http://websdr.org

A select few are listed here:

Wideband WebSDR located at University of Twente, The Netherlands


HF WebSDR located at Nantwich Secret Nuclear Bunker, United Kingdom


HF WebSDR located in South East Austria


HF WebSDR located in Melbourne, Australia


HF WebSDR located in Johannesburg, South Africa


HF WebSDR located in Chennai, India

HF, VHF, UHF WebSDR located in Pardinho, SP, Brasil


Here’s another option:

Global Tuners

Requires setting up a free account, provides access to a considerable list of receivers located around the world http://www.globaltuners.com

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