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First of all, let’s have some background music and information. Turn on your radio

Young Correspondents Programme:

You can be the JOTA-JOTI spokesperson of your National Scout Association. The JOTIRadio broadcast station will interview a number of young corrspondents around the world this weekend. Want to join? Contact first your National JOTA-JOTI Coordinator (email adresses at the Jamboree HQ tent) and ask for endorsement. After that, contact the studio and learn what you can do.

To start with, make sure you are seen on our big video wall, our JOTA-JOTI Digital Campfire:



Do not miss this opportunity now!

Get your laptop webcam ready. Logon to JOTI.tv and meet Scouts with live video in the JOTI Cafe.

The video estafette:

Make a short video. Pass it on to another Scout group, ask them to add their own short video and to pass it on to a third group. That group does the same. When you have 3 short video’s together, you contact the TV studio and ask for your exclusive time on the air. Sounds easy? It is. See the details here.


Want to make your own media centre and invite the local press? You may find this communications-guide with usefull tips.

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