Welcome to the 2018 JOTA-JOTI staff Camp

This is the leaders’camp site.

Here you will find support and guidance for the JOTA-JOTI weekend of your Scout group.

First, some basics:

What is JOTA-JOTI?

How to use Amateur Radio?

How to use the Internet?

What do I find on the JOTA-JOTI Jamboree camp site?

The details are in the Participant Handbook that you have just picked up at registration at the Main Gate.

Here’s the overview:

Main gate: Jamboree registration and get your Participant Handbook

Radio Base: make radio contacts with Scouts in the rest of the world; explore radio wave and possibilities.

Scout Shop: buy your JOTA-JOTI badges and electronic kits to solder with the Scouts

Jam TV: listen to Jamboree radio and – tv broadcasts; contact other Scouts world-wide with live video.

Science Park: conduct scientific experiments and explore new worlds

Camp Fire Circle: take part in interactive programmes, sing a song and get together with other Scouts

Subcamp Cariboo: here is where your Scouts are camping. The main Internet Cafe is avaialble all weekend.

Subcamp Antilope: here is where your Scouts are camping. The main Game Zone is available all weekend. Find also the famous JamPuz here.

Global Development Village: all 2018 theme activities “Life on Land” are here, with support of the United Nations programmes.

Museum: have a look at the history of JOTA-JOTI and discover some remarkable recordings from times past. Or swap your badges.

Challenge Valley: looking for a challenge (or more) to do with your Scouts? This is the place to be.

Danger Zone: oh, I wouldn’t go there if I were you. Only for Scouts trained in Emergency Prepairedness. This programme requires your preparation before the JOTA-JOTI weekend starts.

Library: great place to find inspirational stories of previous JOTA-JOTI’s, discover Tips & Tricks and study the famous J-code.

Jamboree HQ: meet the JOTA-JOTI organizers from your country and the world, ask any question and get new inspiration.

WOSM HQ: explore all exciting activities offered by the World Organization of the Scout Movement.

Some programmes and suggestions are especially designed for younger Scouts. They are marked at the respective areas with the Wolf Cub symbol.


The camp site illustrated (in German):


The Travel-Free Jamboree Camp closes Sunday evening; Scouts groups leave after they completed their Jamboree survey with inspiring ideas for next year.

Oh yes, did we tell you to take care of yourself too? The JOTA-JOTI Jamboree weekend can be streneous, so make sure you get good meals on time for your group and yourself. It could look like this:

And finally, to catch the Jamboree spirit, get some inspiration for the JOTA-JOTI travel-free Jamboree:

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Enjoy, get inspired and have fun !

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