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Here we go; follow these links one-by-one and try everything. Oh yes, of course you are inviting your troop leaders to do the same !


The Skype Cooking challenge:

Local cultures are best represented by their local food traditions. Why not learn how to cook a meal from another culture? Here’s what you do:

  • Find a JOTA-JOTI Scout group in the country that interests you. Look in the participant table that you find at the Main Gate and find their Skype name.
  • Give them a call.
  • Ask if they want to cook a meal together with you, using the video option on Skype.
  • Of course, you have prepared the ingredients for a dish of your own country, so you can show your fellow Scouts also how it is done in your country.
  • Both groups get their things together. One of the groups leads the cooking and instructs the others what to do to prepare the local dish.

Need an example? Check it here.

Have fun and “bon appetit”!



Did you try them all? Then back to the campsite:

……..well, wait a moment……

Wouldn’t it be nice to set a challenge for another Scout group and invite them to do it? Right. So think of one, send it to our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/jota.joti.wosm/) and invite one of the groups on the camp to take the challenge.

Pasta Morse code : prepare and cook spaghetti and macaroni. Ask the Cub Scouts to spell their name in Morse code; the spaghetti are the dashes, the macaroni are the dots. Lay them out on a clean table. Have they spelled their names right? Then they can put their Morse code name on a plate, get some sauce, and eat their names.

Message Estafette: Put 5 Cub Scouts in a row, not too close to each other, at about 1 m distance. Whisper a short message to the first one. The first Cub wispers the message to the next one, and so on. The last one in the row comes back with the message to the first Cub Scout. Is the message still the same? Variation: use telephones or walky talkies to pass the message along.


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