Welcome to the JOTA-JOTI subcamp Cariboo

Perhaps your tent is here, or you are visiting another group.

That is exactly what you can do here. Cariboo hosts the largest Jamboree Internet Cafe.

By the way, what is this thing that we call “the Internet”?

Entrance of the Internet Cafe:

First complete our entrance challenge; read through these:

how to use the internet

safe on-line


Ok, so let’s continue into the Cafe. What you can do here:

Use Skype, Facebook, Twitter, JOTI.tv, Instagram, YouTube, all for Scouts on our Social Media

Make contact with other Scouts world-wide in many different languages using text messages in Internet Relayed Chat (IRC) provided by Scoutlink.

NOTE: the social media platforms and chat services itself are not provided by WOSM. In case of anomalies, contact the respective provider.

Aahhh, now that you used all this, do you really know how your computer made all this work? Check this out:

Seen that? Ok, great. Now let us find this CPU thing. Have a number of older computers available and ask the Scouts to open them up. Can you find the power supply, the hard drive, the memory chips and the CPU?



Creative soldering: take a few simple components from older equipment or from the junk box and ask the Cub Scouts to solder them together as a small figure.

The human computer: each Cub Scout is a part of the computer; one is the CPU, the other the mouse, another the display, yet another the keyboard etc. (see video above for examples). Each part has a specific and simple task. Start with typing the letter “S” on the keyboard. Do this by giving the “keyboard” Scout a small paper with the letter “S”. He has to hand it over to the next module in the human computer. Finally the S ends up on the display. Next type the letter “C”. Followed by the letters “O”, “U” and “T”. After processing them all, what does your display show?

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Enough computers for today, you have square eyes now….so back to the campsite:

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