What am I looking for? What did I find?

Write a few sentences about what you want to learn more about. From what you’ve written are there a few keywords that you can pull out as search terms? Use Wikipedia.org to search for the terms you identified and see if you can find the names of 3-5 youth activists.


  • I want to learn about kids my age who are changing the world. I especially want to learn about youth activists who care about the environment or kids from my country who are making a difference. 
  • Search terms: youth activists+environment, kids+changing the world, 14-year-old environmental activists, South Africa+youth activist

Look through the articles that came up during your searches. Write a few sentences about the articles you found and if they helped you with what you wanted to learn.

Once you complete the activity and get your code, make sure you input it in Challenge Valley so we know you're working towards your Wikipedia Challenge.