ISS at World Scout Jamboree

During the 2019 World Scout Jamboree, the NA1WJ Amateur Radio Station will be in contact with the International Space Station as part of the ARISS Program. During the contact, which will last about 10 minutes, the amateur radio team at the Jamboree we provide an opportunity for around 10 Scouts to speak with an astronaut. The conversation will be a question and answer session, with the Scouts asking prearranged questions.

If you or your Scout have ever wanted to ask an astronaut a question. Here’s your opportunity.  The NA1WJ team are asking for your input, via the form below to provide suggestions for questions.

For background, you can view a video overview of a contact at JOTA 2012 ISS.  This contact shows the nature of the questions and the answers.

It is hoped that there will either be live coverage of the contact with the ISS and/or a video after the contact.

>> Submit your suggestion question(s) here.

International Space Station ISS

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