Your own Space discovery

Have you ever wondered how far, or how close we are to the nearest planet?  This JOTA-JOTI 2016 offers you the possibility to discover it. Measure the distance to the Moon. Difficult? No, just use your own JOTA radio station or find another Scout group via the Internet and compare Moon photo’s.

Does this really work?

Yes, it does. And you can do this in the JOTA-JOTI weekend with your Scouts. It takes a little preparation, but not that much as you have all you need already available at your JOTA-JOTI weekend. So now is a good time to start your preparation for this exiting part of the weekend.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor moon

So what do I do now?

Ask your JOTA radio amateur to prepare some equipment to send a radio signal to the Moon. In their jargon, it is called EME or Moonbounce. That’s all for now.

If you want to do the internet version, locate a Scout group on the other side of the globe. E.g. by using the list of Scout groups already signed up for the event. Agree on a time during the JOTA-JOTI weekend that you both take a photo of the night sky, with the Moon in it. That’s all for now.

What’s next?

Download our Advanced Discovery Project nr 1.  It shows you the detailed recipe how to measure the distance to the Moon during the JOTA-JOTI weekend.  Your preparations will come in hand. Run the activity with your Scouts either using the radio or the photos over internet. Or both if you like.

The ADP project can be downloaded here.

Then what?

Check your results with the published distance to the Moon that you can find on the internet. Have you come close? Don’t forget to send the measured result to your National JOTA-JOTI coordinator, so your group experiment can be mentioned in the World JOTA-JOTI report after the event.

Have fun ….. discovering our world.



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