New for 2019, is JOTA-JOTI via Zello.

Zello is the cell phone walkie talkie app for mobile devices, iPhone and Android, or PCs.  Available worldwide, Zello's WiFi walkie talkie app allows you to stay connected wherever WiFi or data services are available.  Unlike traditional two-way radios, Zello's walkie talkie app has no limits on users or  channels.  

You can find out more about Zello, and download the free app from www.zello.com

Scoutsnet will be setting up a series of Zello channels for use during JOTA-JOTI to help Scouts and Guides communicate around the world - details at scoutsnet.org.uk


Zello Tips:

  • Download the Zello software on to the relevant computers, mobile phones etc before the JOTA-JOTI weekend, and create your Zello accounts.
  • Register on the scoutsnet.org.uk website before JOTA-JOTI
  • Practice using Zello before your JOTA-JOTI event so that you are familar with the system