Communicating using Amateur Radio

two Scouts using amateur radio

You will need the support of at least one licensed amateur radio operator or the support of a local amateur radio club if you want to use amateur radio for JOTA-JOTI. Radio amateurs are enthusiastic about their hobby and most of them will be willing to help you participate in the JOTA-JOTI. If it is too late to arrange for amateur radio at your 2020 JOTA-JOTI event, or you are not able to meet in person to use amateur radio this year, then please consider adding amateur radio to the JOTA-JOTI offering for 2021.

The national amateur radio organisation in your country will be able to give you the name and address of a radio amateur in your area. You can find contact information for your national amateur radio organization on the website of the International Amateur Radio Union or, simply search online for information locally on Amateur Radio.

The radio operator may suggest that the Scouts visit their station during the JOTA-JOTI weekend, or that they bring their equipment to your local headquarters, or campsite. Often JOTA-JOTI radio stations have been set up in unusual locations such as at the top of a mountain or on a boat.

Radio amateurs have obtained a licence for their radio transmissions from the authorities in their country. They passed a technical examination to obtain this licence. License conditions vary from country to country. In some, Scouts may speak over the air themselves; in others, special permission can be obtained for the Scouts to speak over the radio themselves during the JOTA-JOTI weekend.

Where Scouts are not allowed to speak over the air, the licensed operator will have to make the contacts. If the operator is not a scout or leader, they will need a special briefing on Scouting and your group. The operator should be able to talk about Scouting in your local area and be able to have friendly and informative exchanges on behalf of the Scouts present. The Scouts can help to brief the operator and tell him the sort of things they would like to find out from other Scouts.

Be sure that any radio operator, or other external supporter, is aware of your safeguarding / child protection policies for your event.

We recognise that due to the exceptional circumstances this year, that many people that usually take part in JOTA-JOTI using amateur radio will be unable to do so this year.


Amateur radio frequencies