JOTA: The Jamboree On The Air

Everything you need to know about the Jamboree on the Air can be found in the JOTA-JOTI Amateur Radio Handbook (also available in French).

Amateur Radio Activities

Cool activities involving amateur radio can be found here.

What is Jamboree-On-The-Air (JOTA)?

JOTA is an annual event in which Scouts and Guides all over the world connect with each other by means of amateur radio. Short-wave radio signals carry their voices to virtually any corner of the world. It's the shear excitement of having a live conversation with a fellow Scout or Guide at some other place in the world that attracts so many young people to this event. JOTA-JOTI is a real Jamboree during which Scouting experiences are exchanged and ideas are shared.

The use of amateur-radio techniques offers an extra educational dimension for Scouts. Many grasp the opportunity to discover the world of wireless radio techniques and electronics. Thousands of volunteer radio amateurs assist the Scouts over the JOTA-JOTI weekend with their knowledge, equipment and enthusiasm.

How to take part?

To take part in the JOTA-JOTI and experience the excitement of long-distance, wireless radio contacts requires the help of a licensed amateur-radio operator. This is not as difficult as it looks like at first glance. Such a person can easily be found via the national amateur-radio organisation in your country. Each country where Scouting exists has such an organisation. Look up yours here >>>

Radio amateurs throughout the world are very keen on helping Scouts to take part in the JOTA-JOTI.

Most Scout Associations have appointed a National JOTA-JOTI Coordinator (NJC), who co-ordinates activities for the Association and liaises with Amateur Radio Organizations in the country. Where no NJC exists, the International Commissioner is the point of contact. 

How to proceed?

  1. Familiarise yourself with the JOTA-JOTI information in this page, have a look at the JOTA-JOTI info available on from the World Scout Bureau and share it with your radio operator.
  2. During the JOTA-JOTI weekend, visit an amateur-radio station with your Scout group or invite a radio amateur to install their radio station in your Scout building;
  3. Via the radio, call "CQ Jamboree" or answer Scout stations calling to establish a contact;
  4. Any radio frequency authorised by the national amateur-radio regulations may be used. It is recommended that stations use the agreed World Scout Frequencies or frequencies nearby to easily find each other. 

Yes, it is that simple!