JOTA-JOTI Participant’s Guide

JOTA-JOTI can be a great deal of fun. But it can be challenging to take in all the information on this website including all the ways you can get involved. To help with that, we’ve assembled this JOTA-JOTI Participant’s Guide that summarizes the important aspects of this world-wide Scouting event. Plus, it provides it all in one place.

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In addition, José de Jesús López Villalobos XE2N, Coordinador Nacional Jota Joti, Asociación de Scouts de México, A.C. has provided a Spanish translation. Click on this link to download the PDF file JOTA-JOTI-Participante-Guia-2018


Participant’s Guide

Travel-Free Jamboree

Largest Scouting Event in the World

Want to attend a Scout Jamboree without travel? Want to attend every year instead of waiting four years?

How about attending the annual Jamboree-on-the Air – Jamboree on-the-Internet?

JOTA-JOTI is active every year, the third weekend of October, and involves over 150 countries and typically one million Scouts. It uses modern communication technology to offer Scouts the exciting opportunity to make friends in other countries without even leaving home. 

Jamboree-On-The-Air and Jamboree-On-The-Internet (JOTA-JOTI) is an official international event of the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM). JOTA-JOTI is a youth programme event intended for young people in Scouting of all ages.

The purpose of JOTA-JOTI is to enable and encourage Scouts around the world to communicate with one another by means of amateur radio and the internet, providing a fun and educational Scouting experience and promoting their sense of belonging to a worldwide Scout Movement.

What do I do during JOTA-JOTI?

The most fun can come from conversations with other Scouts across town or around the world. You’ll share stories about your Scouting experiences and about your weather, your Scout group, your community and your culture.

There are also a number of activities and challenges that you can engage in during JOTA-JOTI weekend. Here’s just a few:

Plus, stay tuned for new adventures and games that are posted  each year.How do I get involved?

The absolute best way to get involved as a Scout is to find a local JOTA-JOTI location and engage with their activities by showing up. There are a few ways to find your local JOTA-JOTI location. 

First contact your local Scout unit or group and see if they are going to activate a location for JOTA-JOTI. If that doesn’t work, see if another local unit or group will be active. Finally, during the month of September or early October check the JOTA-JOTI registration listing to see if there is a location near you.

If none of those options work, you can also get active as a single Scout, through ScoutLink, or by working with a local amateur radio operator.

What is Amateur Radio?

Jamboree on the Air (JOTA) is the amateur radio element of JOTA-JOTI, with Scouts all over the world speaking to each other by means of amateur radio. Scouting experiences are exchanged and ideas are shared via radio waves.

Amateur radio involves antennas, transmitters, and receivers, sometimes at a permanent location and other times set up at a camp in a temporary installation. Amateur radio operators are licensed by their country’s telecommunication authority to operate within strict guidelines.

They operate the JOTA-JOTI station following their local regulations as well as the guidelines and frequencies posted at JOTA Rules.

Typically over 20,000 amateur radio operators are helping with local JOTA-JOTI stations. Plus, many amateur radio operators are also on the air engaging with Scout stations and sharing their own Scout stories. There may be one or more local amateur radio operators who could help you get on the air during JOTA-JOTI weekend.

You can also listen in to the conversations using Web-based receivers located around the world. These receivers can be tuned to the JOTA-JOTI frequencies that can be found at JOTA Rules.  

What is Online Chat?

Jamboree on the Internet (JOTI) is the Internet element of JOTA-JOTI. With a computer, smart phone, or tablet, an Internet connection, web browser, email, and chat program you can connect with other Scouts.

Once on the Internet you can talk to other Scouts via Skype, social media including Facebook and Twitter, and using IRC Chat.

ScoutLink offers a superb way of engaging in chat with other Scouts. We’ve provided some instructions on how to connect along with some guidelines at ScoutLink Guidelines. 

When you’re online for JOTA-JOTI or other times as well, make sure you follow the Safe On-line guidelines and that you follow good netiquette. 

It’s fairly easy to participate to JOTA-JOTI via the internet. All you need is one or more computers and an internet connection. For software you will need at least:

  • Web browser such as Firefox or Internet Explorer
  • Email program
  • Chat program (IRC client), to meet and chat with other people in real-time.

A slow internet connection, for example dialing into the internet via an analogue telephone line, is sufficient for IRC chat and playing JamPuz, too. 

Tips and Tricks

Your mobile phone operator could have internet coverage at your Scout location. A smart phone can be used to share this internet connection. 

If you have a free “Line of Sight” to a house with Wi-Fi, you can use a cheap home built “cantenna” or “wokfi” antenna to get internet connection at your Scout location. Several kilometres distance can be bridged in this way. Google for more information on this topic.

There are many other items that you could use to enhance your JOTA-JOTI experience. Here are some ideas:

  • Use a scanner to scan pictures and logos of your Scout group and the place where you live.
  • Connect a microphone to your computer’s sound card and talk with other people using a voice-capable chat program like TeamSpeak.
  • Borrow a digital camera and take live snapshots of the participants.
  • Use a webcam to post regular snapshots of your location on the web during JOTA-JOTI. 

JOTI Radio and JOTI.TV

Yet another fun activity during JOTA-JOTI weekend is JOTI Radio and JOTI.TV. They offer programming and games during JOTA-JOTI weekend. It’s great fun to tune in and see what’s going on with their contacts around the world.

The Most Important Part — Have Fun

The important thing is to mark your calendar for JOTA-JOTI weekend, 19 to 21 October 2018. Then make sure you’ve made plans to get on the air and/or get on the Internet for the largest Scouting event in the world.

 JOTA-JOTI Purpose

Jamboree on the Air – Jamboree on the Internet (JOTA-JOTI) is a fun and exciting annual experience for all young people in Scouting using the widest range of technology communication channels to educate, promote cultural awareness, develop tolerance, as well as enhance sharing, collaboration and teamwork, along with building a sense of belonging to the worldwide Scout Movement. It is a “travel-free” Jamboree that takes place wherever you are in the world.

JOTA-JOTI Description

Jamboree on the Air – Jamboree on the Internet promotes a Scout’s sense of belonging to the worldwide Scout Movement and builds cultural awareness, develops tolerance, advocates sharing and collaboration as well as demonstrates teamwork.

It provides exciting opportunities for young people to explore technology and to develop technical skills including fostering innovation and creativity through communicating with other Scouts. A wide range of activities using communication technology are the chief methods of attaining these goals.

JOTA-JOTI strives for a meaningful engagement of as many young people from as many parts of the world as possible annually on the third weekend in October. This weekend is also an occasion to celebrate Scouting and to generate positive energy to support the development of the Scout Movement.

The event seeks to promote quality Scouting in a manner faithful to the purpose, principles and method of Scouting and consistent with the needs and aspirations of young people in today’s world.The JOTA-JOTI programme shall be a reflection of the Promise, Law, Principles and Method of Scouting, as defined by the WOSM Constitution, and shall also reflect the most up-to-date policies and initiatives of WOSM relating to youth programme for all ages. 

More info available at 

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