Welcome to the JOTA-JOTI subcamp Antilope

This is where you are camping. Or perhaps you are in the other subcamp and are visiting another Scout group here.

You have come to the right place; this sucamp has the main Jamboree Game Zone.

JOTA-JOTI Game Zone:

Simple games and projects for your JOTA-JOTI weekend


The famous JOTA-JOTI bingo game: collect thousands of JIDs with our exclusive JamPuz.


Play with other Scouts together on Scoutlink’s Minecraft.


Our famous orienteering game: Sinbad returns.

International games from different countries:

Take a tour around the globe and play games from different cultures and countries. What can you learn from them?

Ticket to Ride (North-America): make up your own game where Scouts need to connect different placces on a map with a railway line. They need to do tasks to build the railway connection. When it is finished they start selling tickets to other Scouts to travel on the train. With the “money” they can build new railway lines, and so on. Which patrol is the first to connect continents? Trains Scout ingenuity, creativity and negotiation skills. For inspiration:

Senet (North-Africa): Senet was a popular board game in ancient Egypt and may possibly be one of the ancestors of Backgammon. Find the  details here.

Tsoro Yematatu (Africa): Tsoro Yematatu is a simple two player strategy game that is thought to have originated in Zimbabwe. Find the details here.

Surakarta (Asia): Surakarta is an Indonesian heritage. Named after ancient city of Surakarta in central Java, board game is a strategic, unique play that is explored by two curious minds.
Game is best played by those, who want to train their brains while having a lot of fun.Find the game description here.

Patolli (South-America): Patolli is an ancient Aztec board game. Also, it’s one of the oldest known games in America.This race game of strategy and luck, enjoyed by those, who want to keep their mind sharp and fierce, and avoided by the ones that are afraid of challenges. Find out how to play the game here.

Carcassonne (Europe): In this game, players draw square tiles with a piece of French landscape on it, with things like parts of cities, roads and other features bleeding off each edge, and take turns placing them into a connected landscape next to other players’ tiles. You earn points by placing your one of your tokens–called “meeples,” each player has eight of them–onto a tile as it’s played, claiming the road or city (or anything else) for yourself. There’s a good bit of strategy (and a bit of good old-fashioned stealing) involved in where you place your tiles, and some resource management involved in where and for how long you tie up your meeples. It works like this::


Kubb Game from Sweden: play the famous Kubb game with wooden figures. Find the details here.

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