* Your own flash MOP

Your may have heard of Flash mobs but what about a Flash MOP?

It is basically the same idea but a Flash MOP is a quick service action by a group of people…. It could be cleaning up a space, a building, fixing or repairing something, help a stranger across the street. It’s up to you – as long as you a doing a service.

Step 1: Watch the videos below. They will inspire you and give you an idea of how Flash Mob activities work.

Step 2: Plan your quick service action, e.g. write it down or draw it on a piece of paper.

Step 3: Take pictures of yourself and/or your unit while performing the Flash MOP. You can also make a video and upload it to youtube.

Step 4: Click on “Submit your solution to this challenge” on this page. Provide a short description, e.g. your plan from Step 2. Upload your pictures and provide a link to youtube if you have uploaded a video of your Flash MOP

Get inspired. Watch the videos

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