Video & Photo Challenge JOTAJOTI

Send photos and videos from the JOTA-JOTI weekend and get the chance to win one of the JOTA-JOTI gift boxes for your Scout group! 

Send your photos and video following this link:


Show the world how you, your group, and community are participating in JOTA-JOTI this year. For every video and photo that you send you will enter a raffle to win one of the gift boxes. 


How does it work?


Each photo or video uploaded counts as a ticket to enter the raffle for the JOTA-JOTI gift packs. This means that the more videos and photos you upload, the more chances you have to win. Photos and videos that reflect Scouts for SDGs give extra chances.


Each gift box will include several surprises like badges and scarves from JOTA-JOTI and World Scouting to share with your Scout group and we will ship them right to your home or group address. 


General conditions


  • To submit photos and video please complete this form:
  • The photos and videos can be shot with any kind of camera, including mobile phones.
  • Do not add watermarks or logos to the photos.
  • The videos must be short clips, more than 10 seconds and less than 1 minute. There is no need to edit them. 
  • Any video that is less than 5 seconds in duration, not clear enough or doesn’t portray Scouting or JOTA-JOTI will not be considered for the contest.
  • Any photo that doesn’t reflect JOTA-JOTI or scouting will not be considered for the contest.
  • The reception of videos and photos will end on 23 October. Any photo or video submitted after the deadline will not be considered for the raffle. 
  • By submitting any photos or videos you authorise the World Organization of the Scout Movement to use them in any way, platform and format for the promotion of Scouting and future events. 
  • Photos and video clips may also be about JOTA-JOTI preparations or offline activities happening during the event.
  • This contest has no monetary cost for participants. 
  • We will contact the winners via the email given in the form to ask for the mailing address to send the prize. 
  • The prize must be shared with the other Scouts from your group.
Scout with camera during Jamboree