Be safe Online

JOTI is a great opportunity to connect young people around the world, especially during these exceptional times. It is very important that all participants stay safe while engaging in these activities. That’s why Safe From Harm is a priority programme for World Scouting, with actions and procedures designed to make sure all participants feel safe.

Be Safe Online is designed to create a safe and inclusive space for all JOTI participants. Keeping people safe during JOTI means: 

  • protecting children and young people from abuse online and in-person
  • providing children and young people with a positive learning environment
  • encouraging children and young people to be respectful and report on any harm during their JOTI experience
  • taking action to promote the safety of children and young people

To learn more about how you can help promote safety and inclusion in your community, and meet us at Be Safe Online.

JOTI Special Edition adheres strictly to World Scouting’s Safe from Harm policy and protections. Be sure to read out guidelines to stay safe online during JOTI.